Spotlight: Saakshi Fellowship Publication

Saakshi Fellow, Dr. Linda Racioppi and Swarna Rajagopalan co-edited a volume of articles on the gendered experience disasters and post-disaster reconstruction across South Asia. Contributors included established academics and experienced practitioners who have pioneered new models of building resilience.

Spotlight: Women and Peace in South Asia Directory

This directory lists organisations around South Asia that work on both women's rights and peace. It was compiled on the basis of desk research by Prajnya volunteer, Vignesh Rajendran, and edited by Mitha Nandagopalan.


Reports of The Prajnya Trust and research and reports of Prajnya's various Initiatives and projects are listed and linked on several different pages, all of which are accessible from this page.

Prajnya Annual Reports

The Annual Reports include our Financial Report. They are available here in the public domain.

Prajnya Resource Centre Publications

Over the years, the Prajnya Resource Centre has produced a small number of research publications. These may be accessed here.

In 2016, Saakshi Fellow Linda Racioppi and Swarna Rajagopalan co-edited a volume, "Women and Disasters in South Asia: Survival, Security and Development," as part of the Fellowship.

GRIT Publications

Research and advocacy publications of the Gender Violence Research and Information Taskforce at Prajnya include our flagship Gender Violence in India report, as well as occasional papers. They may be accessed at the link in the bu.

Prajnya 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence reports are accessible here.

Education for Peace Publications

Research and reports on peace education by Prajnya team members are available here.