Prajnya Values

Our core values are in our name: Prajnya Initiatives for Peace, Justice and Security. We are committed to adopting a feminist approach to our work.

For us at Prajnya,

Peace is achieved when everyone in a society is safe and well; when all relationships are equitable; and when people are free in the truest sense of the word.

Justice is an end in itself. The principles of social justice, which drive our work, guarantee security and are a precondition for peace.

Security most simply refers to physical safety—going beyond freedom from violence to nutrition, health and civil liberties. A more holistic understanding of security must also include economic well-being and human rights.

In our relationships with our community, our partners and each other, we will strive to foreground:
Empathy, to try to understand another’s experience;
Compassion, to bring kindness and care to our thoughts, words and actions;
Generosity, to make space for others and share what we have;
Integrity, to be true to ourselves, regardless of pressure;
Tenacity, to stay the course, no matter how difficult;
Mindfulness, to be aware and thoughtful about our choices;
Patience, because change takes time;
Simplicity, using resources as optimally as we can;
Accountability, to ensure that we learn from our mistakes.