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Research and Publications

Education for Peace Research Series

Mapping Educational Policy Structures and Processes in Tamil Nadu
by Akila R.
Volume I, Number 1
April 2009

A Survey of Civil Society Peace Education Programmes in South Asia
by Anupama Srinivasan
Volume I, Number 2
August 2009

From Agenda to Action: Interpreting and Implementing the NCF Peace Education Guidelines
by Priyadarshini Rajagopalan
Volume I, Number 3
September 2009

Conference Papers

Building Blocks of Peace Education: A Practical Discussion of Conceptual Issues
by Priyadarshini Rajagopalan
Paper presentated at MSSW International Conference on “Development and Equity for a Global Society – Emerging Concerns for Social Work"
Chennai, August 6-7, 2010

Other Reports and Research

A listing of organizations working for women’s rights and peace in South Asia January 2015
Researched and compiled by Vignesh Rajendran
Edited by Mitha Nandagopalan

To access country directories, see our archival page: Women and Peace in South Asia