The Disarmament Toolkit, July 4-8, 2022

Free, online course on peace and disarmament, offered by the UN Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament in Asia and the Pacific and Prajnya.

Peace and Gender Lunchtime Lecture Series, February 21-25, 2022

Five introductory lectures on peace and gender, open to all! Register here.

Gender Violence and Militarisation

Check out this series of very short mobile-friendly videos explicating the connection between gender violence and militarism.

You can watch them here. WhatsApp us at +91 97908 10351 to receive and share the videos on your phone.

Peace and Disarmament Education at Prajnya

Enabling citizens, and especially those whose work involves policy matters, such as administrators, academics or mediapersons, to understand and engage with debates relating to peace and security in an informed manner has been important to Prajnya's work. 'Gender, conflict and militarisation' workshops have been part of our 16 Days Campaigns for many years. We have now taken advantage of working digitally to introduce several other formats and platforms.

UPCOMING! The Disarmament Toolkit

This open-to-all, free online course by UNRCPD and The Prajnya Trust is intended to provide interested and concerned individuals with an open platform where they can listen and learn to use legal and technical knowledge about disarmament and arms control to further discussions about peace and security in their contexts. This will enable them to be more proactively engaged as citizens with this critical policy realm. This online disarmament course will offer conceptual, political and technical information related to peace and disarmament issues. Uniquely, a gender perspective will inform every part of the course. Register here.

Peace and Gender Lunchtime Lecture Series

In partnership with Sansristi, Bhubaneswar, we have organised four editions of the Sansristi-Prajnya Peace and Gender Lunchtime Lecture Series. Speakers are drawn from our network and the lectures usually include an overview, an introduction to UN Security Council Resolution 1325, a discussion of humanitarian issues, chiefly displacement, gender, disarmament and arms control, and peace-building. The series is intended as an accessible opportunity and is open to anyone. We provide certificates to those who attend all five lectures in a series.

Watch out for the fifth edition in September 2022!

Gender Violence, Militarisation and Security

This 2-3 hour interactive workshop session introduces participants to a gendered perspective on security and conflict. It applies gender ideas to our understanding of security, discussion the range of experiences of insecurity including militarisation and outright conflict. Prajnya has offered this session to university students and also to members of the general public.

The sessions are led by Prajnya founder, Dr. Swarna Rajagopalan, who is an international relations scholar by training and a peace educator by vocation.