Prajnya is a non-profit centre for research, public education and networking working on issues related to peace, justice and security. We are based in Chennai, India.


What do we have planned for this year's Prajnya 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence? Take a look!

And do take the time to meet our Prajnya G.E.M.s! That is, this year's Gender Equality Mobilisers,
the people who've taken ownership of the issue and decided to do their bit, in their own context.

You'd like to join them too? Why, we thought you'd never ask! Here's our Call to Action, with lots of ideas you can adapt. Don't forget to tell us what you chose to do.

We're also reviving the old Call for Videos, so if you thought you'd miss the bus last year, it's back now.


FIR Ready Reckoner
Amba Salelkar
(.pdf version here)

Five Simple Rules
For Reporting Gender Violence
Media Guidelines

2012-13 Annual Report