The Prajnya Trust


Since 2008, Prajnya has been engaged with training Human Resources Managers in Chennai to understand and better comply with the law on workplace sexual harassment. In our earliest years, we organised Trainings of Trainers annually. Since 2012, we have been actively engaged with delivering training programmes ourselves.

The Vishakha Judgment and the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 both place the Fundamental Right to Equality at the heart of compliance, and this is what animates our work in this area. We engage with employers not just to promote legal compliance but also in the interests of workplace equality and equity.

Our end-to-end assistance includes the following:

1. Workplace Sexual Harassment Policy Reviews: We read existing policy documents and offer feedback on the extent to which they comply with Indian laws.

2. Drafting of Workplace Sexual Harassment Policy: We prepare draft policies.

3. Constitution of the Internal Complaints Committee: The law requires that every company put together an Internal Complaints Committee which must have one outside member who is either a lawyer, a social worker or from an NGO. We maintain a roster through which we help companies identify suitable members to meet this requirement. Over the years, we have helped several private and public sector organisations with this need. Prajnya team members also serve on ICCs when requested.

If you are interested in serving on an ICC and think you qualify (see the opening note in the following form), please fill and submit the Prajnya ICC Member Roster Registration form. If you qualify, we will get in touch with you before making a reference.

We have also been training NGO members to serve on ICCs in order to meet the demand that mandatory universal compliance creates.

4. Training programmes: We have offered three kinds of workplace sexual harassment-related training.

  1. An introductory module that focuses on what constitutes workplace sexual harassment and organization and individual responses to it.
  2. Training sessions designed to help HR managers and others in the organization build on our work through follow-up programmes.
  3. Customised sessions on interpersonal skills and boundaries; and building confidence.

Since 2011, we have assisted several organisations with their compliance requirements:

  • Chennai Mathematical Institute
  • Continental Data Graphics Technical Services India Pvt Ltd
  • Express Publications (Madurai) Limited
  • EZ Vidya Private Limited
  • Facilio Technology Solutions
  • Frost & Sullivan (India) Private Limited
  • Indian Institute of Technologies, Chennai
  • Madras Institute of Development Studies
  • Metropolis Healthcare Ltd
  • PIL(India) Private Limited
  • Ramjee Leathers
  • TAKE Solutions Global LLP
  • The Quad
  • TISS School of Vocational Education
  • RmKV
  • CARESpaces
  • Nalandaway Foundation

We do charge a fee for most of these services. If you would like to discuss this further with us, please email us at

In addition, during the pandemic year, we have delivered several talks and presentations on workplace sexual harassment and on legal compliance. These include:

  • CUSP Festival, February 2020
  • Talk for Saha, September 2020
  • Darbar Festival, December 2020
  • Siva Sivani Institute of Management, January 2021
  • DG Vaishnav College, 2020 and 2021, for their Human Resources Management students

Since 2015, we have used RTI petitions to gather information about the Local Complaints Committees that are supposed to be set up in each district to provide redressal to self-employed, informally employed and women employed in very small organisations. To access our compilation of Local Complaints Committees in Tamil Nadu, please see this regularly updated spreadsheet.