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The 2016 Campaign

2016 16 Days Campaign Calendar

Other Campaign Activities

  • Blog Symposium on Education, Gender and Violence
  • The Dummies' Guide to Sexual Harassment: An Art Intervention

Our 2016 Partners

Centre for Women's Solidarity Network - Centre for Women's Development and Research - Chamiers - Chennai Press Club - International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) - KravMaga Tamil Nadu - Point of View - Shree Ayurvedic Hospital - Soroptimist International of Chennai Downtown - SPI Cinemas - Storycorner at Bookmine - Sundari Silks - The Inner Wheel Club of - Chennai Presidency - The Red Elephant Foundation - Tranz Mannequins - University of Madras: Departments of Defence Studies and Women's Studies - Women's Christian College - Woodlands Enterprises